Total Curve™



  • Proven to increase breast size in 60 days by 8.4%
  • Promotes healthy breast tissue
  • No pumps or clamps
  • Helps balance female hormones with safe phytoestrogens
  • Reduces symptoms of menopause, PMS and sex drive decrease


  • Cream has an odd smell
  • If protocol is stopped, breasts may return to normal size
  • Some users may prefer breast augmentation as it is more permanent

Our Thoughts

Total Curve breast enhancement uses a 3 step method to achieve its results. The first is an all natural daily supplement. The second being a lifting and firming gel. The third is a breast enhancing exercise. The daily supplement contains ingredients that help promote the growth of breast tissue by providing enough Estrogen inside. The second lifting and firming gel uses an ingredient called Volufiline that is clinically proven to increase breast size. The third part doesn’t actually increase breast size, but helps lift the muscle under the breast giving a bigger and more aesthetic look. Overall, this is a great system for natural breast enhancement if you are committed. Many women may not have the patience and will consider breast implants as an alternative. We do not endorse or condone that, but it is an option. However, if you want a safer and much less expensive solution, visit the official website to find out more.