Stop Grow™ Hair Growth Inhibitor Review


  • Interrupt body hair growth
  • Reduce body hair length
  • Decreases need to shave and wax
  • Thins existing body hair growth


  • Does not provide long term results
  • Users might prefer the simplicity of waxing or shaving

Our Thoughts

Although this product is mainly targeted for women, it also works great for men too. Endorsed by 4 time Mr. Olympia Champion Jay Cutler, this product is great for the fit man looking to for smooth hairless skin. This product does exactly what it says. However, it is not a permanent solution. This product does need to be used continuously for best results. Some of our clients have stated they like this product because they no longer get razor bumps from shaving. The same clients are also set on auto renew for this product. That alone proves the authenticity and quality of StopGrow