Profollica™ Review


  • Effective and powerful 3 step regrowth system
  • Inhibits excess DHT
  • Fast and healthy growth
  • Results seen in 30-60 days


  • Supplement may cause mild headaches
  • Results may stop after product use ceases

Our Thoughts

Just like our review of ClearPores, we love that Profollica uses a 3 step system to achieve results internally and externally. The ingredients in the nutritional supplement supports the body’s natural ability of hair regrowth. The shampoo cleans the hair and removed dust particles. Lastly, the gel adds moisture to help remove amounts of DHT( one of the main causes of hair loss). Although results are seen when using this product, it does not happen overnight. This product should be taken for at least 30-60 days at the minimum for best results. Many clients are purchasing this product month after month, as they are seeing impressive results with extended use. To learn more about this product, click the link here