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Jump Rope Workout for Weightloss

If you are looking for a fast, easy and effective way to burn stubborn belly fat, then adding a jump rope workout for weightloss might be a great option. Jumping rope is an amazing cardiovascular workout, and I believe it can benefit many on their weight loss journey.

Jumping rope is a very intense workout, so please start a slow pace and work your way up in terms of length of the workout and speed.

Benefits of Jumping Rope

1. Burns Massive amount of calories

Jumping rope burns almost 1000 calories per hour. According to studies, 10 minutes of jumping rope is about equal to running an 8 minute mile!  This especially great because jumping rope is a much lower impact exercise than running.

2. Portability

Jumping rope is a great workout for travel as the rope takes up very little space. Skipping rope is great for the business woman or man who are always traveling for work. There is no excuse to not work out while on the road due to the size and portability of the jump rope.

3. Improves Posture

Jumping rope encourages your body to naturally stay upright and improves posture. I noticed immediately that the muscles in my upper back began getting stronger after two weeks of jumping rope consistently, which ultimately improved my posture.

4. Crazy Transformations

A quick google search will yield a massive amounts of jump rope body transformations. Jumping rope just works at creating a lean toned physique in a very short amount of time. Healthy nutrition and jumping rope consistently can create some amazing transformations!

5. Affordability

One of our favorite benefits of jumping rope is the cost! Buying a good jump rope is a one time inexpensive investment that will last for many years. There are many great options online, but we recommend purchasing a weighted jump rope for additional benefits.

Weighted Jump ropes will help you increase strength, build lean muscle, and ultimately burn more fat and lose weight.

Check out the best weighted jump rope by Crossrope here on Amazon

Have you tried any jump rope workouts for weight loss? Let us know in the comments section below.

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